Meet The Woehrle Real Estate Team

Woehrle Real Estate & Development: A Family's Commitment to Excellence and Community

Woehrle Real Estate & Development, a beacon of professionalism and familial warmth in Lafayette, California, continues to redefine the essence of a family-owned brokerage. With Greg Woehrle at the helm, alongside Marty and Samantha Woehrle, this dynamic team melds profound professional expertise with an unshakeable commitment to community and client satisfaction.

A Triad of Expertise


The distinction of Woehrle Real Estate lies not just in its familial roots but also in its unparalleled professional credentials. Holding a trio of esteemed licenses—a California Real Estate Broker's license, a California State Contractor’s License (Class B), and a General Engineering License (Class A)—Woehrle stands uniquely positioned to offer an integrated suite of services. From the heart of Lafayette at 1010 Oak Hill Road, they offer a comprehensive spectrum of real estate services, including SB 9 lot splits, land development, new construction, remodeling, and more. Their approach, emphasizing trust, performance, and exceeding expectations, has solidified their reputation as a leader in the industry.

Greg Woehrle: A Pioneer in Real Estate and Development


Greg Woehrle's illustrious career spans over three decades, with a remarkable journey from acquiring the Kaiser Estate to founding Select Real Estate, and eventually establishing Woehrle Development and Woehrle and Sons Builders. His passion for crafting unique, high-end custom homes has left an indelible mark on the Bay Area’s luxury real estate market. The founding of Lucas Ranch Gallery, alongside the Early Diagnosis Foundation, further highlights Greg's dedication to community and innovation.

"Maximizing Property Value with Woehrle Real Estate: Navigating Senate Bill 9"

Woehrle Real Estate, with its profound expertise and comprehensive understanding of the real estate market dynamics, stands as a beacon for property owners navigating through the intricacies introduced by the new Senate Bill 9. This legislation, aimed at addressing housing shortages, has significant implications for property values and development potential. By leveraging their in-depth knowledge of local zoning laws, market trends, and the specific clauses of Senate Bill 9, Woehrle Real Estate is uniquely positioned to help property owners accurately assess the value of their property prior to selling, purchasing or building. They can provide insights into how the bill's provisions for allowing more residential units on single-family lots might enhance a property's worth or development opportunities. Additionally, their tailored approach ensures that property owners receive guidance that not only reflects current market conditions but also anticipates future trends, thereby maximizing the property's valuation and investment potential.

Community Involvement: A Family Tradition


The Woehrle family, with Greg at the forefront, has built more than homes and developments; they've nurtured a legacy. With six children all raised in the Happy Valley neighborhood, the Woehrles are deeply interwoven with the community fabric.  As a family of eight, they embody the Lamorinda lifestyle, deeply involved in local sports, community events, and volunteer activities. Greg’s initial foray into the real estate realm through the acquisition of the Kaiser Estate and the founding of Select Real Estate marked the beginning of a journey that would see the family become a cornerstone of Lafayette's real estate landscape.

Greg's passion for crafting unique, high-end custom homes is matched only by his commitment to community service. Whether coaching youth sports teams or volunteering within the church, the Woehrles dedication extends far beyond his professional achievements. This ethos of community involvement is a family affair, with the entire Woehrle clan embodying the spirit of giving back to the community that has been their home for over three decades.

A Legacy of Family and Service


Woehrle Real Estate & Development is more than just a real estate firm; it's a testament to a family's love for their community and their dedication to excellence in every endeavor. Greg Woehrle, with his vast experience and academic achievements, alongside Marty and Samantha, have set a new standard for what it means to be a family-owned business in the real estate industry. Their story is not just one of professional success but a narrative of community engagement, family values, and a relentless pursuit of excellence.

For residents of Lafayette and the broader Bay Area looking for unparalleled expertise in real estate and a personal touch that only a family-driven firm can provide, Woehrle Real Estate & Development stands ready to welcome you. With their extensive services, dedication to client satisfaction, and deep roots in the community, the Woehrles are not just real estate professionals; they are stewards of their clients' dreams and partners in the ongoing story of Lafayette's vibrant community.


Meet the Team